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W Air Wave Pressure Massage Gradient Sequential Compression Circulator

We have come across dozens of foot massagers that work in different modes and styles, but there is no doubt in our minds that the W Air Wave Pressure Massage Gradient Sequential Compression Circulator Leg + Arm + Waist – Complete Set is by far one of the best foot massagers and best body massager and perhaps the closest device that mimics a human massage. The reason this feels very similar to the way a massage therapist’s massage is the fact that it is not all mechanical, in the sense that it uses air pressure to massage, grip and squeeze the legs to give utmost relief and satisfaction.

It comes with leg, arm and waist garments and a pump to build pneumatic pressure. It has a timer and the pressure range is 0-235mmHG. It takes just 7 sec to inflate or deflate a chamber and there are 4 such sequential chambers. These 4 chambers exert pneumatic pressure to give a soft but firm massage. Look at the pic on the right to understand how the massage process works.

This circulator and massaging device is very good at improving lymphatic blood flow. It exerts gradient air pressure that is greatest at the ankle region and pressure tapers down as it reaches the thighs – this type of massage improves venous blood circulation and tones down leg fatigue, swelling, varicosities and other leg conditions and problems that are caused due to physical or lifestyle issues.

This is the real deal. If you are in the market to get a massager that can give you incredibly satisfying squeeze type massage then this is the massager to buy. If you have tired, swollen aching feet and ankles then you will benefit greatly from this. This is also the best massaging device for patients suffering from varicose veins. I have used various types of massagers but I tend to prefer the one that can accurately mimic the squeeze type massage of a masseur and if you are anything like me then look no further. It is a tad expensive but well worth the money and should last you a long time.

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